new baby.
new body.
new life.
"Life-changing." "Transformational."

The Mommymovement system has helped hundreds of woman and will help you transform not only your body, but your mind, spirit, and self-image. This system will help you find yourself again.
Jennifer C. Lormand
B.S. Exercise Physiology
ACE CPT, TRX Certified
Owner, Ascension Fitness
Author, Mommymovement
Jennifer is a mom, wife, author, and business owner.   The commonality between these roles is the want to help everyone find their success and acheive their potential.  Whether its through personal training at her training studio, Ascension Fitness or through helping new moms with the mommymovement system.  Jenn has one objective and that's to help you achieve your goals.

Jenn has worked in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer for the over 18 years. During that time, Jenn has worked in nearly all aspects of the industry.
In 2010, she started Ascension Fitness personal training studio located in Metairie, Louisiana.  Her focus at Ascension Fitness was to create an environment where new moms can get a world-class, focused workout, in a simple but warm environment with creative, innovative training methods to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

Jenn brings this same passion for fitness to her home. She has been married 12 years to her husband Greg, a management consultant, and has three wonderful, smart and creative children, Chase (11), Collin (10), and Cooper (2).
how did the mommymovement system come to be?
After I married and became the mother of two beautiful boys, 16 months apart. I learned first-hand how hard pregnancy can be a woman’s body and the anguish that can develop from it.  That time of my life was difficult, because even after years of training and helping others, I couldn’t help myself.  Although I was exercising and eating properly I couldn’t get back into the shape that I had been pre-pregnancy.   For nearly two years I tried, retried, but nothing I had done in the past was helping.
Fueled by a passion to help people succeed and as a graduate in Exercise Physiology with a focus on Kinesiology, I invested two years of medical research and over seven years of practical application with new moms through my training facility, this first of kind system was developed and honed to specifically to meet the needs of new moms.

Hundreds of new moms have utilized this system and seen tremendous results and now you can too.
This system combines proven fitness techniques with body sciences to provide a  leading-edge system perfect for at home training, one-on-one training and group training programs.

The system is designed to be customized to meet your specific needs and push you through physical and emotional barriers.
the result?
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