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The Equipment
We have provided the following links to Perform Better to make the purchase of the equipment easy.  Click on each product link and add the product to your shopping cart for purchase.
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Polar FT7

Why is this Important?  The 8-week body back plan is based on heart rate zone training techniques.  The Polar FT7 will allow you to easily identify and manage your heart rate training zones and track your successes online.
Fitball Sport Stability Ball

Why is this Important? 
The fit ball is a critical and versatile piece of equipment that will be used to help build your core.  For most women the 55cm ball should be adequate - check Perform Better's height chart to find your right sized ball.
All-Purpose Exercise Bands

Why is this Important? 
Excercise bands will help provide resistance to strengthen and tone your muscles.  We typically recommend the Medium strength band.
Vinyl Covered Dumbbells (purchase 2)

Why is this important?
  Dumbells will be used throughout the excercise programs and are a must.  We typically recommend either the 8 or 10 pound dumbells.

Why is this important? 
Valslides will be used to challenge your cardio and allow you to do fun and intense exercises such as side skaters.

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